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The Salvo Group Ltd was established in the 90's and is a family run business. The company was originally built upon the recycling of French, Italian and Swedish vehicles, but has since expanded to the recycling of all makes and models of vehicles. There are two sides to the business, the Parts recycling and the Metals recycling, both just as important. We use platforms such as eBay to advertise and sell vehicle parts to the general public and even other businesses helping vehicles live on for longer, all our parts are fully tested and come with a full warranty. We have a great team behind us at The Salvo Group. We may be small at a team of 12, but as we all pull together to get the jobs done, we can make big things happen. The saying "We may be small, but we are mighty" is a powerful saying. Over the last 5 years we have been investing heavily into the business to help us grow, rebranding, land development, inventory systems. We are very proud to say we are members of the VRA Vehicle Recycling Association and that we are a certified vehicle recycler with the VRAC. We hope to keep changing the publics' opinion of vehicle recycling for the better, which is growing, and we hope to keep growing this for many years to come. As a society, we are more and more aware of the necessities to recycle, not just our vehicles but everything to preserve the environment. We understand more and more that being a throwaway society is not sustainable and that we ALL have an environmental responsibility. So as a company within the vehicle recycling industry, Green parts are the ultimate solution for this, and we as a company are proud to play our part in preserving and looking after the environment.
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