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Who We Are

Created by founder Cheryl, Raindrops & Dragonflies is based in the beautiful Peak District and is a health and well - being business with a difference. A business created to help others on a holistic, healing, creative, nutritional or spiritual journey.

Pulling her knowledge and expertise together led Cheryl to focus on complimentary therapy, aspies, animals, art and metaphysics. A few years later, reassured that each can assist and benefit the other through alignment, matter, energy and knowing - Raindrops & Dragonflies and its ‘Pets in the Peaks’ animal category – Wellington & Boots, was born.

What We Do

From Reiki, animal healing and communication, to, spiritual life coaching, nutrition for chakras and auric healing – Raindrops & Dragonflies aim is enrich your life through a creative, mindful and complimentary therapy approach!

We hold one to one sessions, group and social sessions, classes and workshops, and seasonal talks and retreats.

Raindrops & Dragonflies are unique!

We work with individuals with; autism, aspergers, ADHD and life limiting illness, and we are a focused and one of a kind health and well – being business…with a one of a kind delivery!

We also work with animals and their owners - and with many lovely, everyday friendly folk and local businesses, including; schools, colleges, charities, farmers, veterinary clinics, animal welfare, animal sanctuary’s, hospices, hospitals, corporate and more - our sessions, workshops, classes, talks and retreats can leave you feeling centralised, tranquil, light and free.

‘Our goal is to plant some seeds & facilitate; health, healing & happiness & help nurture the natural gifts we all have - whatever they may be’ – Cheryl X
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Raindrops & Dragonflies
The Riverside Town

0791 9936709

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