Quill Copywriting and Journalism creates and delivers concise, engaging copy for all your digital and print needs. Whether it’s a one-off job or ongoing contract, no job is too big or small, Quill can provide content for your social media posts, leaflets, booklets and brochures, editorial content in print and online.

Lisa Varty is an experienced journalist who has written on subjects such as business, local history, food and travel, local news, book reviews, football, video games, disability rights and health and social issues. Her skills include professional writing, editing, and proofreading, she also has experience in social media management and has managed multiple social media accounts for businesses, so understands just what content you need to make your business stand out above the rest.

Quill copywriting and Journalism is based in Derbyshire, united kingdom, and is owned by Lisa Varty. Lisa spent five years working for a local magazine, as well as writing articles she managed the social media pages, website, and blog for the company. During her time working for this magazine, she also set up an online newspaper that she designed and edited, sadly the business owner retired, and Lisa found herself without a job. Lisa enjoyed her time working for the magazine and loves writing, so decided that she would start her own business so she can continue to do what she loves.

Lisa is a freelance journalist, before she started working for the magazine her career background was in admin, care, and photography, but she’s always had a passion for words and writing. Because Lisa has worked for a small, family ran business she understands just what a business needs when it comes to content and the written word. She has a great understanding and talent of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and can make your website easier for customers, old and new to find online. Lisa also creates content for magazines, media outlets, business brochures, newsletters, and social media, and in her spare times enjoys writing poems and stories.

Lisa believes in fairness and equality and understands how hard it is for start-ups and small businesses to get ahead in the business world and highlight what they have to offer to their customers, so hiring a copywriter will help you to concentrate on your other business needs. Quill copywriting and journalism will charge you a fair price for the services you need.

Quill Copywriting and Journalism offers a high-quality copywriting service for all of your business needs, at a competitive price. Lisa has many skills and interests and will listen to you and access your needs so she can tailor content that will help you reach the right audience. Lisa has a great understanding of SEO (search Engine optimisation) and of how search engines work and will create engaging copy that will enable your website, products, services, social media pages and posts to be found easier when potential customers who use search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing to find your business online without the need for spending a lot of money on online advertising.

Quill's services include:

Quill offers a fully comprehensive and tailored service to suit all your copywriting and SEO needs.
Free SEO audit of your website, social media pages and online presence.
- Keyword identification services, Lisa will identify the best keywords to use for your content to boost your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

- Production of content for electronic publishing - Lisa provides engaging content your e-newsletters, social media posts, website content and blogs.

- Production of content for print publishing – Lisa will write the content you need for leaflets, booklets, and media communications.

- Production of engaging copy for advertisements – Lisa will tailor copy for your brand so that your advertisements stand out above the rest.

- Production of engaging product and services descriptions – Lisa will create engaging copy to describe your products and service, using key words that will help search engines like Google show your businesses products and services on or near the top of a SERP (Search Engine Results Page).

Freelance commissions:

Lisa varty’s journalistic skills are exceptional, she has experience in writing local news reports and feature articles. Lisa believes and follows the main principles of journalism, and the right for the public to be informed and strives to make sure her articles are conveyed accurately, honestly, and fairly. She takes pride in her work and always pays attention to the details.

Her subjects of interest are:

• Leisure and hobbies
• Arts/entertainment
• Food, drink, and travel
• Disability rights and accessibility
• Human Rights
• Healthcare
• Current affairs
• Technology
• History
• Politics
• Fashion/beauty
• Public relations
• Public sector
• Consumer goods

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