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Hello, Julia here, I am 23 and I’m a trained pastry chef; patisserie is my passion. I’ve never worked in another industry and began cooking at an early age. I recall eating the best mashed potatoes at a fine dining establishment somewhere in Scotland and thinking ‘This is amazing, this is what I want to do for the rest of my life’. I want my customers to feel the same joy and comfort that I felt that day, when eating my food.I previously worked at a Michelin starred restaurant and a hugely successful artisan bakery in Sheffield.I started Petit Pithivier last year as I wanted to create beautiful patisserie for people who love food and creativity. Petit Pithivier is a Holloway-based small business. I make high-quality artisan confections and patisserie from scratch, in my licensed home kitchen. Everything is made by me using high quality ingredients.
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Petit Pithivier
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