Traditional, Handmade & Authentic
Love Cannoli bring fresh Sicilian Cannoli to your door for you to experience the wonderful Traditional Sicilian taste for the whole family to share.

Everything is made to order and handmade, including our Cannoli shells.
We love to make everything as fresh as possible to keep to the Traditional family recipe passed down through the generations.

We do not compromise on the quality of our ingredients we only use fresh.

We pride ourselves on our authentic Cannoli.

Many different flavours to choose from offered freshly

filled, or why not try our

Cannoli Kits and fill your own great fun with the kids.

​Taste the true Traditional

Sicilian Cannoli

at its best!

Local Delivery

(within 8 miles of Long Eaton NG10)

UK Mail Order


Collection Welcome

(By Appointment Only)

Grazie Mille x
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65 Chesterfield Avenue
Long Eaton

NG10 2DT

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