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Life You Choose Community Interest Company is a not for profit organisation.
We provide support to adults with learning difficulties so they are able to participate in Arts and Multimedia based Projects aimed at improving quality of life.

Basically, 'We offer our members the unique opportunity to meet and surpass their aspirations'

Music, Movie Making and Cinematography, Drama, Art and Design, Live Performances and Community based Social Events are some of the Projects we have successfully completed so far.
Our Projects have won places on Movie festivals, we have had a Video shortlisted for the Cannes Movie Festival, we've had Radio Dramas broadcast on various Radio Stations around the world, we have performed Muppet style shows at Summer and Winter Festivals across Derbyshire and we have created our own Music, Songs and Pop Videos. We share a lot of our work using the Internet and social media and have built some fantastic connections with lots of other organisations and companies both locally and around the world.

Using state of the art equipment and technology Life You Choose and it's members create projects that challenge and fulfil its members desires to interact fully with the community they are a part of and also experience and share varied art forms with the ever changing world around them.

What will our next Project be? That is up to our Members to decide.


Supporters group (On our supporters group we will post what we are looking for support with so you can choose what you would like to support)

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Life you choose
The Bureau Glossop High Street East

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