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Qualified writing coach, and published novelist, offering one-to-one sessions, novel writing courses for small groups and critical reads (feedback and advice on your writing).
Working with a writing coach can be helpful whatever stage you're at on your writing journey. One-to-one coaching and the principles that underpin it have supported my dreams of being a published novelist. Coaching allowed me to get serious and specific about my creative ambitions. I grew in confidence, got my words on the page and learned to call myself a writer. You can do this too!
My aim, as your coach, is to help you find the inspiration, motivation and energy to write in the ways that you want to write. My job is to help you believe in yourself, and to support you to find the focus, confidence and skills you need.
As well as looking at inspiration and discipline, we can also work together on the craft of writing itself - honing your skills and exploring ways to improve the quality of your writing. If you’re ready for the next step then I can assist with your submission to a literary agent or publisher.
Ultimately, my role is to help you take your writing to the next level - whatever it is you need to make that happen.
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Joanne Burn Coaching the Writer
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