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Ebb has been founded by Designer Karen Winfield. With over 30 years experience working within the fields of design. Following her degree in product design she travelled to the West Coast of Canada where she established herself in the city of Vancouver- working and collaborating with artist / designers on furniture, exhibit and product designs for over 10 years. She returned to England working in automotive and then retail, and most recently working in London for top design agencies. Her love of nature and simplicity has brought her back to Derbyshire where she grew up to return to her roots to start Ebb.
The thread throughout her life has been the love of nature in it raw beauty and simplicity and has been the inspiration for Ebb.

Connect with nature. EveryBody’sBeautiful@Ebb.


Ebb Jewellery
Focusing on uniquely beautiful Pacific freshwater pearls and simple fastening materials and techniques. The materials have been selected to create a sustainable piece of contemporary jewellery that is unique and naturally beautiful. Celebrating my belief that Every Body’s Beautiful.

Each piece of jewellery is hand made with love using unique natural freshwater pearls, which are individually selected for their lustre, colour, texture and size.
The pearls are simply threaded with natural leathers, cottons and nylon cord, and knotted to produce a contemporary piece of jewellery to enjoy.

Ebb jewellery is currently available in 3 ranges, Urban, Coast and Orbit…with more in development in my studio in Derbyshire ☺.

Enjoy the moment. Share your uniqueness. Connect with nature. EveryBody’sBeautiful@Ebb.
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Ebb Jewellery
Ivanhoe House 24 Victoria Street

DE73 8FQ

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