Sat, Apr 10, 2021 to Tue, Apr 30, 2024
Price: £150-£300

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Ruth Gray Images
26 Denby Bank, Marehay

Art Demonstrations for Art Societies and Groups.

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In two hours learn how to create a dynamic acrylic painting quickly. Learn how to mix colours and work around a whole painting at once capturing an impressionistic atmosphere and sense of place without fussy detail.

' Within a couple of hours Ruth had produced a wonderful representation of George Street, that would not be out of place in any living room! Of course, there was some finishing of detail still required, this would be added later after a period of drying. All told an exciting and instructive demonstration by a very competent and respected artist. Everyone took in new ideas and thoroughly enjoyed the day.' David - Yoxhall Art Group.

To book a demo for your group please email
Art group and society workshops.

Subject and format of the day to suit your organisations wishes. Materials can be included at an extra cost of £2.50 per attendee. (Travel prices are from Ripley, Derbyshire. 0.45p per mile.)

Price structure:
For a half-day tailored workshop: 2-2.5 hours duration.
£140 within 15 miles.
£140 plus travel costs for over 15 miles.

For a full-day tailored workshop: 6-6.5 hours duration.
£250 within 15 miles.
£250 plus travel costs for over 15 miles.

For visits to groups involving an overnight stay please contact me for a quote.

'Thank you so much for coming to Smalley on Saturday and for sending us your finished picture. I thought that was the best workshop I have ever done. The subject matter was very complicated but we all managed to get a good result in only two hours! I hope you will come to us again.' Jean Smalley Art Group.

To book a workshop for your group please email

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Telephone Number: 01773741821

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