Win the singing 'wow' factor with top USA performance coach

Derbyshire women’s chorus DaleDiva is offering singing groups, choruses, choirs or quartets the chance to win a session with a world renowned performance coach – for just £10!

The Divas have secured an evening session with Cindy Hansen to be raffled off as part of their fundraising drive to get to the World Championships in Las Vegas.

Cindy, who is based in the USA, has been coaching top-level groups for more than 30 years and has designed and taught choreography for ensembles across the world.

DaleDiva musical director Ally Law said: “This is an amazing opportunity for groups of any size, ability or age to be taught by a coach who’s regarded by singing ensembles as one of the best performance coaches in the world.

“We’re lucky enough to be coached by Cindy ourselves as part of our bid to win gold in the World Championships and we’re thrilled that she’s offered a session for us to raffle as part of our fundraising drive.

“Tickets are only £10 and are selling fast. We only have 350 left so don’t miss your chance!”

The Divas won gold in national competition last year and are on their way to the World Championships in Las Vegas in October.

Cindy’s speciality is identifying a group’s personality then creating a unique look and tailored performance package so they have maximum impact on their audience when they sing.

The raffle draw will take place on 25 July 2015 and the winner will be invited to book a session with Cindy at a date to suit both parties between August 2015 and August 2016.

For more information and to buy a ticket visit or email DaleDiva fundraising officer Chris Hope at

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