Success of Somercotes Salvation Army Annual Plant Fair and Coffee Morning

On Saturday 11th May, Somercotes Salvation Army, held its Annual Plant Fair and Coffee Morning, which was very well attended and greatly enjoyed.

This was the sixth year the Plant Fair has taken place and raised a record £800.00, with all profits from the sale, as last year, benefitting Anidasofie (House of Hope), Kokomlemle, Accra, Ghana, where Captain Vicky Owen was previously based for six years before moving to Somercotes.

Anidasofie is a young women’s refuge and last year the Plant Fair assisted in finding basic accommodation and employment for two young women who had been previously homeless and affected by severe poverty and cruelty, breaking the cycle of despair and giving hope for their futures. It is hoped this year’s sale will help in the same way.

The local community entered the spirit of the event by not just buying plants, herbs and vegetables for stocking their gardens, but also in donating items for sale which was greatly received.

The idea behind the sale has always been to encourage people to dig up self set plants and split down overgrown areas of plants from their gardens, pot up and donate and then buy other plants they have not got at sensible prices to raise money for charity and good causes.

Although the event was supported by many newcomers, it also saw the return of numerous people who come along each year to what is regarded as a not to be missed community, social event.  

The availability of a wide variety of homemade cakes made especially for the sale with drinks encouraged people to sit down and engage in conversation and enjoy the friendly environment of the event.

At the end of the three-hour sale, despite starting off with a hall full of plants, very little was left with almost everyone attending taking home boxes of plants for stocking their gardens and some very nice cakes.

Somercotes Salvation Army would like to thank everyone who supported the Plant Fair, for their donations and kindness.


Malcolm Hill

Somercotes Salvation Army

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