Stories of Roman women brought alive on the Buxton stage

Award-winning playwright James Beagon debuts Women of the Mourning Fields at the 35th Buxton Fringe.

Slandered by history. Forgotten as women. Rome’s final curtain has fallen, but three women still linger in the wings. Tainted by Emperor Nero's legacy, Agrippina fights against the injustice of history. Forced onto the stage with Octavia and Poppaea, another unwelcome performance is imminent...

But scripts can always be rewritten.

From the writer of First Class (Best New Writing, Buxton Fringe 2014) comes a tale of intrigue, desire and ambition. What happens when you pry the real people from between the pages of history? What happens when the story of these women is finally told?

Returning to Buxton following their award-winning performance of 2014, Aulos Productions presents Women of the Mourning Fields, an original piece of writing which explores the heartfelt stories of three women related to the Emperor Nero, previously caricatured by history: his wife Octavia, mother Agrippina, and lover Poppaea. For writer and director James Beagon (23), Women of the Mourning Fields is a chance to make these women’s stories relevant to modern audiences by giving them a fresh voice. Previously, histories of Nero had only portrayed these women as peripheral and deployed them as plot devices. As a result, the show offers its audience an entirely new perspective on not just the women but also Nero’s life and character. Whether you have an interest in Classics, women’s history or excellent story-telling, Women of the Mourning Fields has something for all.

Aulos Productions will be performing Women of the Mourning Fields at the Pauper’s Pit in Underground Venues on July 13th (16.15), 15th (17.30), and 16th (19.00) as part of the 35th Buxton Fringe Festival, before heading to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

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