Stainsby Festival 2020 Tickets on Sale NOW!

Stainsby Festival 2020 Tickets on Sale NOW!

Recent visitors to the Stainsby website would have experienced our very own Back to the Future moment. For highly technical reasons - usually known as a cock up - the Home and News pages took a trip back to May 2019 and were doing a great job of advertising last year's festival! Not to worry, our trusty DeLorean has got us back to the present. Web code and time travel really really don't mix.

Arghhh! What does this mean if I've already bought tickets?

Fear not, the Booking page has been working fine all along. Any tickets bought on our website really are for 2020. If you're ready to buy for this year: Go for it! EarlyBird ends May 1st

Our time warp was very selective to the Home and News pages and President Putin has categorically denied that Russia was in any way involved. (So that's alright then).

Stainsby School Shock Horror!

The National Trust have announced they want to sell Stainsby School. They've neglected the building for the best part of 8 years since the scouts left. What's more they've reneged on a promise to the local community, the Parish Council and the Festival to work together on a joint project to try and secure its future, despite lots of requests to honour the promise. The school is where the festival started and it's been an important working base for us - until the Trust declared the building unfit. If you agree that this is poor behaviour, perhaps you'd write and complain to their CEO at Head Office if you're a member. Or even if you're not!

2020 Vision

Given all the current talk about big bad scary viruses, we wish we really had got 2020 vision. So we're pushing on along the road to summer with our July plans until somebody tells us different. More news very shortly as our line up takes shape

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