Play Time at Buxton Fringe

Play Time is the first full-length play from the award-winning Of Mice Theatre, the theatre company of TV comedy writer-performers Matt Zeqiri and Oliver Neck. 
Alfie​ and ​Elton​ are in way over their heads. Though they barely know each other, they’ve got mixed up in a nasty incident which has put someone in hospital. Now the powers that be will decide who is to blame, and the verdict is sure to have life-changing ramifications for someone. It’s a lot to deal with when you’re only nine years old. 
Alfie is no stranger to trouble, but Elton is a model student with a spotless record, and is aghast to find himself hauled up before the head teacher. And things take a turn for the even worse when a shocking rumour reaches them. Charlie isn’t in A & E. He’s in the morgue. 
With their clashing personalities, Elton and Alfie’s wait outside the head’s office is initially explosive. However, they gradually find common ground and, as they start to work together, the hallway becomes an arena for them to indulge their vivid imaginations. 
The boys leave their school worries behind by retreating into a thrilling world of police interrogations and bombastic broadway musicals - or, at least, a pair of nine-year-olds’ fantasies of them. Even the audience isn’t safe as the boys blur the boundaries between reality and fantasy, but when they hear the rumours about Charlie, Alfie and Elton’s alliance is thrown into jeopardy. Can their friendship survive this? And is there time for one more twist in the tale…? 
Play Time is an absorbing, fast-paced, colourful, heartwarming and hilarious two-hander from the award-winning Of Mice Theatre. 

The production is intended to showcase our unique writing and performing talents at theatre and comedy festivals in 2017, with the show comprising of a single, intricately plotted story, intermingled with songs, games, and audience participation. 
Production history

Play Time enjoyed two previews in Paris on the 21st January 2017, before a 5-night run at London’s VAULT Festival 2017 between the 25th-29th January. The first night was a sellout, and performances drew praise from Fringe Guru as well as producers from TV companies including Baby Cow, Tiger Aspect and Hat Trick. 

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