Pieter Egriega as Frank Sinistra in Sex & Drugs & PR

Pieter Egriega, was the 2016 winner of the Buxton Fringe award for the small music group and ensembles. 

Last year he was nominated for his unique piece entitled “Mr Different”, in which he emerges from a large laundry bag and conducts conversations with invisible passers-by, whilst accompanied by a small rumba band, who happen to be rehearsing/busking on a nearby industrial estate.

This year, he will be Frank Sinistra, a saloon singer and former News of the World Journalist, who conducts a PR business whilst serenading patrons in a new show called Sex & Drugs & P.R. at the Hydro Cafe Bar. July 7th, 20th and 21st.

You'll hear saloon songs. Although not many are about drinking.

There are several torch songs, in which he ignites the debate about the role of a free press in a democratic society and other jokes. 

He is accompanied by the virtuoso pianist Charles Ormrod.

You'll be given the inside track on today's celebrity culture including some extremely salacious gossip.

Of course, you may have to determine what is true and what is not. 

All the while, Frank's girlfriend is not returning his calls, but it's okay.... she's out with her male hairdresser friend, so what could possibly go wrong?

Based on that you'll probably deduce that it's not a children's show.

The admission fee also includes a free CD of the show's songs.

Aside from the previous Buxton Fringe award, Pieter proudly won the National Stroke Association's Creative Arts Award in 2014, although Frank doesn't think much of it.

But then Frank is an opinionated bore, so we can only hope that his girlfriend teaches him a lesson, whilst cavorting with Mr Tinky Winky.... or is that Mr Teazy Weazy?

In 2013 Pieter suffered a hemorrhagic stroke and is slowly recovering the use of his right side… unfortunately for us, he did not suffer aphasia, so sadly he still is able to talk and sing…

Because he is a stroke survivor please do not think that his show is suitable for stroke survivors, although if you know someone who is caring for someone recently affected by stroke, then his show will demonstrate what can be achieved, with a bit of determination and an attitude.

Aside from the shows and the Stroke Association award, Pieter has also released a book, two previous music CDs and is currently finishing another book on five years of stroke recovery

If you want to speak to Peter he can be contacted at pieter@egriega.co.uk or on 01625 572922


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