In Our Thoughts Launch

In Our Thoughts Launch

Creatively supporting our communities to cope with loss and bereavement during the Coronavirus

On Thursday 13th August we held our launch event for In our Thoughts project. This year long project is supported by the mental health charity MIND. A partnership initiated by Artcore and Sahahra to support our communities to cope with Coronavirus.

The global pandemic has had a huge impact on communities in Derby and Derbyshire and we invited community organisations and volunteers to share and identify the concerns of Derby and Derbyshire communities who are hit the hardest. Also, to mindmap how we can work with and for our communities, together supporting them to cope with bereavement and their mental health during these tough times.

This event launch is the beginning of the year long project. We shared our experiences, ideas, and  began to create an action plan for our communities to come out from the trauma and suffering to be a healthy community.

We held the event on ZOOM and socially distanced at Artcore Charnwood St. This was the first launch held at Charnwood since March lockdown and was a special way for us to connect with the community again. 

Marie Hegarty led the event with a powerpoint presentation on the aims of the project, the impact of COVID and the mass grief the community is feeling. She gave an overview on the roles of volunteers and the art memorials that individuals and families will create over the year. 

She spoke about the ‘In Our Thoughts' Memorial packs which will be distributed to people who have experienced loss as a result of the pandemic, creatively sharing their thoughts and memories of the loved ones they have lost, to form a part of a virtual memorial and culminate into a showcase in 2021. Also, there will be bi weekly Thursday meetings with volunteers to coordinate the project . At these meetings the volunteers will plan activities support participants with their mental health during these uncertain times.

Ruchita Shaikh, executive director, gave a short speech on the impact this project will have and the way in which communities can work together. Then the floor was open to questions and Mr Jangir Khan from Sahahra spoke about the way in which we will work together. Other questions were asked from Local Area Coordinators, Refugee Support Services and volunteers.

The event had over 25 participants and a representation from members of the Derby Community who are keen to support the project and make it a success. 

If you weren't able to make the launch but would still like to be involved in the project there's still an opportunity.

Volunteer Form

Referral Form - Do you know an individual/family who has been bereaved over the COVID lockdown and would benefit from being part of the project and receiving the art materials pack? (Please get consent before sharing their details with us)

Sign Up Form - For bereaved individuals/families

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