Nothing, is the Last Forever - opening May 7th

Nothing, will be the last forever.

Opens Saturday May 7th
12.00 – 4.00pm. 

Further opening times : Saturday 14th, 21st and 28th

The Wireworks Project: Shinning Cliff Woods.

1331 Matlock Rd, Ambergate, Belper DE56 2EL

Parking is available – please follow signs on arrival
Closest train station Ambergate



Finding the Spirit in the Mass was artist David Bomberg’s radical technique. He describes it as an attempt not at superficial representation, rather an expression of the inherent and changing energy or living spirit of nature and how one feels in relation to it. This, and the philosophical idea Metempsychosis (where at death the soul transmigrates into a newly born human, animal, plant or mineral) have been the focus of my six month residency in Shining Cliff Woods.

Nothing, will be the last forever is one outcome. A functioning ‘factory’ that relies on a collective of hard working souls, who having foraged for wood, needles, leaves and herbs, process them, using specially made stoves, stills and milling devices, into charcoal, ash, scent, food and tonics. With visitors invited to watch the processing, ingest, smell and scatter the ‘products’.

Nothing, will be the last forever also showcases a selection of works made during my time in Derbyshire. This includes collages, photographs, charcoal drawings and a fallen Yew branch from which seven lidded boxes have been skilfully turned.

Nothing, will be the last forever is a collaboration with Anthony Shephard and Ivan Patrick Smith. With special thanks to Patrick John Ryan.

Established in 2019 by Ivan Patrick Smith and Anthony Shepherd, The Wireworks Project, is a fully functioning artist studio and gallery. Designed and built on the ethos of recycling, re-appropriating and reuse, the project aims to provide space and platform for considered artists. We warmly welcomed Kate as the first of many future residents.

Kate’s residency is supported by SHED

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