MUV Wheelbarrow from Nu Star Material Handling wheels away inefficiency

The MUV electric wheelbarrow from Nu Star Material Handling Ltd

Nu Star Material Handling Ltd manufacture electric tugs, pushers and wheelbarrows and are based in Ednaston, near Ashbourne in Derbyshire.  They have launched a new electric powered wheelbarrow that they will showcase at the Ricoh Arena on 11-12 February at the Executive Hire Show in Coventry.

The new MUV electric wheelbarrow, or mini-dumper, from Nu-Star Material Handling not only allows operators to transport heavy loads with ease, it eliminates the unnecessary ergonomic challenges and production halts associated with traditional wheelbarrow solutions. Furthermore, the savings made in reduced labour and enhanced efficiency ensure rapid return on investment in sectors that include construction, industrial, agriculture, horticulture, landscaping and gardening. Available for purchase, the MUV has also been designed for both short and long term hire, nationwide for both commercial and domestic customers.

Demanding industries such as construction call for increased profitability and efficiency, while at the same time protecting workers from over-exertion. The MUV eliminates the pushing, pulling and lifting required with conventional manual wheelbarrows by minimising operator effort. And there are plenty more benefits besides. For instance, the MUV’s quiet motor makes it suitable for indoor applications without the noise disruption and fumes common with petrol/diesel engines. Those who have used fuel- or propane-based equipment in the past will be aware that CO2 emissions and the smell of propane are unsuitable in many job situations.

Driven by an 800W, 24V DC motor, there are no such worries with the MUV. It is activated electrically with a pushbutton located conveniently on the handle, thus ensuring that users can eject materials without the excess strain of manual dumping or handlebar vibrations. What’s more, the batteries are completely rechargeable, and can run with a load of 300 kg for five miles on a single charge, allowing for increased productivity and less downtime. The onboard IP68-rated battery charger will accept either 110V or 220V input – simply change the 'flying lead' to suit the plug type.

Almost all common industry materials can be transported, including rocks, bricks, hardcore, sand, concrete, broken tiles, soil and so on. No terrain is too rugged as the wheels are foam-filled and puncture proof. Typical tasks include small construction works, crop harvesting in glasshouses and polytunnels, moving mulch, stone, wood chip and plants on landscaping projects, and moving manure and feedstuffs in stables and small holdings. Steep slopes are also no problem for the MUV, such as when removing material from a swimming pool, for example. The speed and ease of motion saves both time and potential health/safety concerns.

Featuring a highly manoeuvrable design, the MUV can easily reach compact spaces to ensure all material is completely removed. This is important in occupied spaces where there often isn’t the flexibility that’s available in larger, more open spaces. At less than 800 mm wide it can pass comfortably through a standard 3ft door opening. 

The MUV is fitted with either a glavanised steel or moulded industrial plastic tub. In fact, the two are quickly interchangeable via a pair of detent pins on the sub-frame. However, if required, the MUV can be modified to remove the tub and add a flatbed, for example.

No driving licence is required to use the MUV, which can be loaded quickly into a van using three scaffold planks, a tail-lift or ramp. Features include keyswitch on/off, variable twist-grip throttle and a battery gauge, while a motion bleeper, horn and 1.2 kW motor are among the optional extras. 

For further information visit Nu Star Material Handling on Stand X46 at the Executive Hire Show, or contact by phone 0115 880 0070; email or the website

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