In Limbo, A Film is seeking crowdfunding. Deadline 10 June!

In Limbo is a Derbyshire produced Independent Horror Film.

The film is written and produced by Stuart Wheeldon, who is based in Wirksworth, Derbyshire.

The film is inspired by the urban myth that is the Black Eyed Children. These have recently been reported extensively in the national press on numerous internet blogs and forums.

We are currently crowdfunding for the film on the site Indiegogo, our current campaign will end on the 10th June 2015.

The crowdfunding process offers the chance for people to contribute to the current campaign, in exchange they will receive various perks, which dependent on the level of investment change in perk value.

Current perks include, Digital copies of the film, Signed copies of the script, DVD or Blue Ray copy of the film, IMDB credit of Associate or Exec Producer. Chance to appear in the film and ask a question to a major character and be referred to by name. A1 copies of the poster, T shirts and more!!!

Our current Crowdfunding site can be found at @indiegogo

All details about the film can be found on the crowdfunding link or on the dedicated website

We can also be followed on Facebook at or twitter @inlimbo_film.

The film is due to be shot in Wirksworth in July 2015 and be released in Sept 2015.


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