JOHNNY Dysfunctional describes his latest role in tonight’s Buxton Fringe show (Thursday July 20) as his toughest – because he must keep quiet!

In five previous fringe productions the versatile Dysfunctional, based in Buxton, has performed as Elvis, John Lennon, a barmy airline pilot and even a Karen Carpenter tribute act.

“Because of the surprise element people still talk of the Karen Carpenter show and afterwards that was repeated in the south of England. Another fringe show won an award, so it hasn’t gone badly in Buxton,” he said.

In act two of Whatever Happened to Brian at The Green Man Gallery, 7-30pm tonight, Johnny plays comotose anti-hero Brian Blatherwick.

He said: “I have to keep my mouth shut which is tough - but that allows two excellent actresses to drive the show along. My character Brian is a lost soul and the audience tonight will be asked to assist a psychiatrist sort him out.”

When not performing at Buxton Festival Fringe, Dysfunctional records and performs original music and has a covers act.

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