Issue #6 of No Jobs in the Arts launches today!

Issue #6 of No Jobs in the Arts launches today!

Launching today, our sixth issue supports early-career visual artists linked to Derby/shire, Nottingham/shire, Leicester/shire Artists. Issue #6 is a guide of sorts, one of patterns and prophecies, of puzzles, and pauses, guest curated by Chloe Willis. The publication was supported by Arts Council England, QUAD, Primary and Modern Painters, New Decorators.

READ #6 AS A DIGITAL ZINE HERE: A downloadable PDF and screen-reader accessible version are also available from this link.

While copies last, you can also order a free copy of the printed zine at

We would be grateful if you could consider sharing the zine to support the next generation of artists linked to the region. From 11am, their will be a post you can share on our Instagram and Facebook pages. Publicity images for Issue #6 can be found here. 

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