Information about the Derwent Valley Art Crawl Guide

Derwent Valley Art Crawl Guide

The Project

We would like to Introduce you to our new venture – the Derwent  Valley Art Crawl Guide for 2018

This Guide is to be an annual printed publication which will be distributed throughout Derbyshire in the Derbyarts info tourist boxes, Tourist Information Centres and other selected tourist locations.  It is envisaged that the publication will be in the form of a 12 page DL sized folded leaflet.   We currently estimate producing 10,000 leaflets and for them to be in place by the beginning of 2018 and to be refreshed if necessary.

Our aim with the publication is to promote artists, galleries, studios and all related establishments and individuals to help connect them to the wider public and to further strengthen this area as a ‘centre of excellence’ for the arts.   A major objective  here is to encourage the public to go and visit the venues throughout the year.   Additionally we aim to make a creative map of the Derwent Valley.

The leaflet will be a directory of participating artists/studios /galleries/establishments in the area and their chosen expertise and it will also contain maps to help the public know where they are

We have chosen the Derwent Valley area in order to give a wider geographical spread but also to be in tune with the Derwent Valley World Heritage Corridor.   We are being supported in this enterprise by Amber Valley Borough Council and Marketing Peak District and Derbyshire.   We are also going to be liaising closely with the Derwent Valley Trust with regards to joint promotion.   We also attach a map of the area to give you an idea of its scope.

Supporting the project

We are also offering space for other arts organisations, for instance local festivals and events, who do not have a specific location  to visit, and also to any business or organisation closely associated with the arts. We see this as an excellent way of promoting and keeping events or businesses in the public eye for a year or a part of the year if there is a specific event.

To date we have over 50 artists/studios/galleries signed up for the venture.

If any artists/studio/gallery or like minded establishment would like to take part in this new and exciting venture then please get in touch with us at or via the website at .  Additionally if any organisations or businesses would like to support us please also get in touch as above.   There is an annual fee to take part in or support the project but for this you will get

  • An entry for you or your event/business in the leaflet
  • An entry in a new website which will support the leaflet –
  • Regular promotion via social media
  • A Facebook group for joint networking along with the artists

Our timescales are quite tight now so  if you do wish to take part in or support this initiative we will be looking for your input by the end of September.  

Thank you.

Suzanne Parnell and Kelly Nixon

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