Hatchery - Artist Residency at Home & Online

Hatchery - Artist Residency at Home & Online

We are happy to announce the launch of The Hatchery Residency, a program supported by Artcore.

Born in Lockdown – a place where nothing we see is unknown, The Hatchery is a place where new things are produced.

"Beginning as a self-directed residency, Hatchery aimed to capitalise on the changing circumstances to experiment with new creative approaches. By inviting other artists to participate builds on what I think are the most important aspects of residencies - an intense time to think and create and the exchange of knowledge and ideas. Now Hatchery has artists from the UK, Italy, and Canada who, together, provide mutual support, creative input, and discussion. We may be in a novel confined existence, there is no reason to be limited in our art outlook. The Hatchery is about thinking and making, creativity at its widest and best."

- Dr. Chris Wright

Check out the website to find out about the Artists involved and read their blogs and progress in the self-directed residency!


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