The Derbyshire Police and Crime Commissioner’s Funding Scheme

Derbyshire's Police and Crime Commissioner has invited community groups, non-profit making organisations and third sector organisations to work with him to deliver his priorities at a local level.

Large grants of between £2,501 and £25,000 are available for up to 12-months of activity.

These grants are to provide funding to promote partnership working with the Commissioner and help to deliver the objectives of his Police & Crime Plan. These objectives include:

Working to keep the most vulnerable in our communities safe from crime and harm and supporting those who unfortunately find themselves a victim of crime

Working to tackle the impact of drugs and alcohol on communities

Supporting those with mental health issues, including those with learning difficulties, who come into contact with the Criminal Justice System, as victim or offender, to get the right support, from the right agencies at the right time

Working with young people, as victims or offenders, to understand their needs and prevent them becoming involved in criminal activities

Working with the Constabulary to develop the policing family to be more representative of the diverse communities it serves.

In addition to these objectives, the Commissioner wants this fund to support as many smaller community based projects as possible, particularly projects that are specifically aimed at crime prevention, in preventing drug and alcohol related crime and anti- social behavior, and projects that support victims and vulnerable people.

The Large Grant fund will open 1st October and close 30th November 2018.

The next deadline for a Small Grants of up to £2,500 is 1st November 2018..

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