Notnow Collective presents

Derby Theatre Studio Saturday 27 October, 8pm (and a baby-friendly matinee at 2pm)

Fresh and funny look at parenthood from a dad’s perspective…including a baby-friendly matinee performance

Derby Theatre is proud to present, for one date only on Saturday 27 October, DadMan: The Bathtime Warrior presented by one of the Theatre’s associate companies, Notnow Collective.

DadMan: The Bathtime Warrior is a show about not babysitting your own kids.

DadMan is a warrior. He stands strong at the gates of an ideal Birth-Plan and sings the blues about Being The Only Man At A Parent And Baby Group. He courageously navigates the precipices of School Runs. DadMan enters the contest for the title of The Breadwinner armed with swords and Lego.

This show is partly quiz, partly story intertwined with live music and original songs, partly total fantasy where DadMan dives in and out of the bathtub, running into Trust, Breasts, Flexi –Hours, Soft Play Areas and Sex (not necessarily in that order, or at the same time!!).

Finally, DadMan realises there is actually another, much bigger mountain to climb.

Baby-friendly Matinee with Baby Groove ‘n’ Show Session

The baby-friendly matinee performance at 2pm has been adapted to cater for the specific needs of babies attending this performance with their parents/carers. It has adapted lighting and sound levels, so that babies are not disturbed by loud noises or sudden plunges into darkness, and with the actors fully prepared to work around babies and toddlers crying, shouting or ‘invading’ the stage.

Ahead of the baby-friendly matinee at 2pm, there will be a FREE Baby Groove ‘n’ Show, a parent-baby session focussing on music, rhythm and play led by Paul Carroll, a Birmingham-based dad and musician, which promises to provide as much fun for the parents as for the babies. The Baby Groove session is FREE when booking tickets for the baby-friendly matinee.

The evening performance at 8pm is intended for adults only.

Tickets for DadMan: The Bathtime Warrior are £10 (£8 concessions), 50p for babies up to 18 months. Baby Groove
session is FREE when booking tickets for the baby-friendly matinee. For more information and to book tickets call
the Box Office on 01332 593939 or online at

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