D2 Business Starter Programme

D2 Business Starter Programme

Do you know someone based in Derbyshire and interested in starting their own business or becoming self-employed? We are now enrolling for our next group of FREE workshops to help you start this journey full of resilience and support!

If you have any questions, get in touch and we’ll guide them through the process with a series of nine workshops and tailored 1-2-1 support with an experienced business adviser. Helping turn business idea into reality.

The first taster session is on the 27th January, 4pm - 5pm.
To find out more and details on how to book, click here.

Action Planning Workshops

During this interactive workshop, Steve Hobbs will explore and exploit benefits for your business, including recognising the leadership challenge, understanding the opportunities and threats of each method, and the use of sensemaking tools to identify where you are and where you want to be.

29th January - Book Now

Social Media, Marketing & Digital Marketing

10/02 Elevating Your Instagram Business Account

18/02 Elevating Your Marketing Communications

23/02 Getting Started with Paid Digital Advertising

25/02 Getting Started with Marketing Automation

26/02 Elevating Your Marketing Automation Skills

eCommerce & Analytics

16/02 Improving Your Websites Conversion Rate

24/02 Maximising Your Online Presence by Gaining Authority


HR & Wellbeing

28/01 How to Create Wellbeing Habits for High Performance

04/02 Maximising Your Performance to Win


Business Planning, Finance & Supply Chains

29/01 How to Become an Ambidextrous Organisation

01/02 How to Plan a Financial Strategy for You and Your Business: Part 1

08/02 How to Plan a Financial Strategy for You and Your Business: Part 2

12/02 Stronger Supply Chains

17/02 Actioning the Business Plan Through Project Management

D2N2 Webinars

HR, Wellbeing & Personal Development

02/02 Getting Started with Employee Empowerment and Wellbeing
05/02 Personal Brand, Holding Up the Mirror
08/02 Assertiveness & Confidence Building
16/02 Motivation, Engaging Others and Finding Your Why
22/02 Boosting Emotional Resilience
22/02 Thinking Creatively to Survive and Thrive
26/02 Creative Thinking & Problem Solving

Social Media & Paid Advertising

28/01 How to Use Facebook & Instagram Ads to Attract New Clients
02/02 Getting Started with Social Media
18/02 How to Use LinkedIn Ads to Attract New Clients

Marketing & Digital Marketing

03/02 How to Develop a Killer Marketing Plan for Small Businesses
11/02 Diving Deeper into WordPress
25/02 Getting Started with Video for Your Business

International, Social Enterprise & Business Planning

04/02 How to Use the Business Model Canvas
09/02 International Trade: Authorised Economic Operator (AEO)

Analytics & Cloud Computing

03/02 Improving Website Performance Using Google Analytics
10/02 Getting Started with Microsoft 365: Power APPS and Power Automate

D2N2 News

Peer Networks in D2N2 - Last Available Spaces

The Peer Network programme is open for SMEs In D2N2. Peer Networks enables you to make connections that go far beyond networking. Overcome business challenges with Peer Networks.

This is your last chance to sign up for a space on our remaining cohorts:

Hospitality & Visitor Economy
BAME Businesses
High Growth eCommerce
High Growth Digital
High Growth Sales

Find Out More and Register Your Interest.


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