Déda Welcomes New Associate Artist

Déda Welcomes New Associate Artist

International contemporary dance artist Jorge Crecis has joined Déda in Derby as Associate Artist, supported by funding from Arts Council England.

Jorge will be working over the next year with the regional dance house, fellow Derby-based arts organisation QUAD as well as contemporary dance organisation The Place in London to create an innovative choreography which brings together sport, dance, music and augmented reality technology.

Jorge is a Sport Sciences graduate and studied contemporary dance at the Royal Conservatory of Madrid. As a professional dancer he has worked with different companies throughout Europe, as well as in China and the USA.

His role as Déda Associate Artist will involve working with professionals and young dancers who are members of both the youth development academy and the BA Honours Dance degree which is based at Déda to plan the next stage of ‘Through & Out2’.

Performers will endure the physical, mental and emotional states of a marathon runner during the 45-minute piece which is a cross between dance and rope-skipping.

Audiences will experience the performer’s exertion by spectating in the traditional sense but by also accessing statistical information, generated in real time, through a specially created mobile app.

This will also include a compelling narrative which gives access to the performer’s memories, emotions and desires. Individual headsets will enable the audience to even choose their own music during the performance.

Jorge said: “I am delighted to be confirmed as Déda Associate Artist over the coming year.  The whole team at Déda have been helping me to carefully plan the next steps of ‘Through & Out2’ and I am excited to have the opportunity to develop this further alongside a wide range of professionals across the creative and performance disciplines.

“The current world record for a marathon was set by Dennis Kimetto in 2014: two hours, two minutes and fifty seven seconds.

“According to several sources, ten minutes of jumping rope is equal to 30 minutes of running at six miles per hour. Therefore, 40 minutes of skipping could be compared to a half marathon.

“However, in ‘Through & Out2’ the demands placed on the performers make skipping twice as hard so it is a mental, physical and emotional challenge for the performers, which they share with the audience in a unique and engaging way.”

Déda Director Stephen Munn continued: “Working with Jorge on this exciting project will be a fantastic experience for the professional, degree students and our Academy dancer here at Déda who will be involved in the development of this unique piece of choreography.

“The project is already widely anticipated throughout the international dance world and is an innovative combination of sport, dance, music and app technology which pushes the boundaries of contemporary dance performance.

“As an organisation Déda has a national reputation for innovation and the collaboration with Jorge will take this ethos to another level.”

For more information about the BA Hons Dance Degree in partnership with the University of Derby and the auditions (starting Saturday July 12) for Déda Academy groups Bounceback (13 to 19 year olds) and Derbyshire Youth Dance Company (11 to 18 year olds) please visit www.deda.uk.com

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