BNMT welcomes commitment from Amber Valley Borough Council to continued funding support

The museum and the Derwent Valley Visitor Centre which are operated by the Trust, its staff and volunteers in leased premises in the North Mill, currently receive financial support from Belper Town Council and from Amber Valley Borough Council.
Councillor Chris Emmas-Williams, Leader of Amber Valley Borough Council, wrote to the Trust recently in the following terms:
You may have seen newspaper articles which state that the Borough Council may have to remove non-statutory grants as part of our financial review. We have shown our commitment to your trust in exchange for yourselves working tirelessly to preserve one of the Borough’s Heritage assets. I want to make it quite clear that this council made a commitment to your trust and I want to assure you that whilst Labour is in control of this council we intend to honour that commitment.
In what are challenging times for us all – including for local government - it is pleasing to have this reassurance from the Council Leader that they intend to honour their commitment to provide continuing financial support to the Trust.


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