Bikes and Buddhas - A Journey through Asia

Bikes and Buddhas   - A Journey through Asia

Based on a true story of a bicycle journey from Vietnam to Thailand, Saigon to Bangkok, but likes those films inspired by true events, which parts are true and which are fiction? You, the audience, must decide!

Our journey will take us to great cities and ancient temples, and we will meet wild animals of various shapes and sizes as well as a beautiful woman, an old monk, a grumpy old man, and a very bad busker!

Pete's a storyteller of some renown and his tale melds traditional tales with his own two wheeled adventures in far off lands.

Additionally we'll have tales from Deb Page and Phil Coogan who will bring us further stories from the east.

Hope you will join us for the journey.

Don't forget your passports.

Matlock Storytelling Cafe takes place on the 4th of October, in the Imperial Rooms, Imperial Road, Matlock, Derbyshire  DE4 3NL. We've our delicious homemade soup and cake as well as tea, coffee etc and if you want something a little more alcoholic that's fine but you'll have to bring your own.  Our doors open at 6.45 pm be sitting comfortably by 7.30 and we'll begin. Tickets are just £7 on the door.



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