Art from Ruth Gray - Summer

I'm in my what seems like the hundredth week of lockdown although technically I can go out if I want to but, I don't yet want too so I'm not! I'm hoping that soon I will feel confident enough to venture out there once the transmission figures look safe enough!

But in the meantime the dissertation continues although I've handed a draft over to my supervisor so I can have a break while she looks over it. There's still an awful lot of chip shop waffling I need to do yet!

What have I been doing then? Well, I've taken this rare chance to paint some more Belper paintings and restock my Fine Art America Shop with my Belper Collection. This is a print on demand site that means you can order direct from them and I don't have to go to a post office. There is any size of prints, canvas prints, cards and almost anything you can think of that can be printed is printed although why you would want a shower curtain of the East Mill I do not know! But if you did you can now have one!

The paintings above have all just been completed in the last few weeks and the originals can be purchased directly from myself.
I've neglected my YouTube channel for rather a long time but due to having a bit of spare time I have added a few videos that you can look at progress work of a couple of commissions and more.
I hope you like them and I hope you are all doing well and have had a chance to enjoy the good weather we have just had if you are in the UK. And for those overseas let me know how you are and what you are up too I know I have followers in America, Australia, and France I'm sending you wishes too!
Bye for now
Ruth x


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