Amadeus Martin: God Created Brixton comes to Buxton in July

Award-winning comedian Amadeus Martin takes you on a journey through Brixton urban legends, anecdotes and observations, from the failed Viking Invasion of 885AD, the Victorian Era of 1885, and his God-fearing mother’s villainy in the 1985 riots.

‘GOD CREATED BRIXTON’ is a story about Amadeus Martin’s quest over a 30 year period, from a youngster to an adult to convince a Polish pen pal to set foot in Brixton, and how this was impossible due to its bad reputation.

Living in Brixton used to embarrass Amadeus, because of the negativity attached to it. But this negativity was actually driven by his ignorance of the area, coupled with the media campaign for it to be this way. But rather than wallow in self pity he decides to mine the history books and legends for golden nuggets of this South London district, to seek the truth.

He discovers Brixton was the only place in Briton the barbaric Vikings were too afraid to invade, because of its bad reputation. The Anglo-Saxon lord Brixi, places a stone to mark the area of this moral victory, naming it Brixistan, later renamed Brixton. He realises this ‘bad’ reputation could not be blamed on the West Indian community, because the West Indies wasn’t even invented back then.

Amadeus finds out Brixton was the first place in Great Britain to have electric street lights, hence the name ‘Electric Avenue’. He’s amazed that Sir Walter Raleigh had a pad and a ‘liaison’ with Queen Elizabeth in Brixton on Josephine Avenue, and shocked that Van Gogh who also lived in Brixton, probably cut off his ear because the music from the local sound systems was so loud.

He looks at more recent events, from the Empire Windrush arrivals, to what caused the riots of the 80’s and 90’s, namely police brutality, and to his horror notices on Google Street View that (conveniently for the police) there is a funeral parlour adjacent to the police station.

Amadeus begins to embrace Brixton for its uniqueness and architectural beauty, and realises that if you look very, very closely FIVE of the Seven Wonders of the World are actually in Brixton (as he explains!)

However 30 years on, will Amadeus’ Polish pen pal ever set foot in Brixton?

Amadeus Martin’s message to anyone out there who has a problem with the fantastic place that is Brixton is simply; go take it up with God, because it was God who created the place.

Time Out Critic's Choice "Comedy Pick" Evening Standard & GQ "Funny bones" Fringe Guide

"Amadeus blends intellectual sparkle with off the cuff twists. Definitely worth seeing" **** Fringe Review

"Satirically addressing, his comedy deserves respect" **** On The Fringe "Genius" Metro

Show taking place at Underground Venues, The Square, Buxton, Derbyshire SK17 6BD

  • Sun 12 July 2015 7:00pm £7.00 (£5.00)
  • Sat 18 July 2015 7:00pm £7.00 (£5.00)
  • Sun 19 July 2015 5:30pm £7.00 (£5.00)

Book tickets via 020 8144 0070 or

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