MEMBER: Claire Duberry Illustrator

I am an artist illustrator based in rural Derbyshire. Prior to this I spent numerous years in Northern Ireland where I was involved in Community Art projects, many of which entailed community consultation and the replacement of unsightly graffiti, sectarian and paramilitary images. The artwork was in the form of large-scale murals, school and youth art projects, signage, street posters, metal profiling, and logo design and interpretation boards. I also did commissions for health centres. In addition to this, I have done corporate and book illustration. Another area of expertise is Traditional Fairground Arts.

My influencing artists are Edward Ardizzone, Michael Foreman, Sarah Chichester Clark, Ralph Steadman, Beryl Cook, Tamara De Lempicka and Frida Kahlo (among many others).

I embrace all physical mediums, and often integrate this with digital programs such as Photoshop. I work in a variety of ways to suit the client’s needs, whether this is client led and integrated within a committee or community, or on an open brief basis.
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Claire Duberry Illustrator
18 Main Road, Whatstandwell


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