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All Dance was originally part of the Cultural Olympiad celebrations in Derbyshire in 2012, inviting people with disabilities to dance and it was launched to coincide with the closing ceremony of the Paralympic Games in London. Dance artists worked with people from disability groups across Derbyshire creating dance pieces in just eight weeks. These dances were performed at Derbyshire’s first county-wide disability dance platform, a Day of Dance in November 2012 at the Donut Creative Arts Studios (DCAS) in Chesterfield.

Derbyshire County Council is continuing this work as part of the Made in Derbyshire 2015 programme, which celebrates the people, places and products of Derbyshire. The Council also wishes to use this year as a pilot project, providing evidence that will help them to seek funding for further dance work.

All Dance 2015
Eight Community Dance Artists will be partnered with a group based in each of the eight Derbyshire Boroughs or Districts. Each Dance Artist will work with the community group on a dance piece uniquely created by each group and their Dance Artist. They will work towards a performance and sharing event in late November/ early December 2015. There will be a performance event for groups in the north of the county and one for groups based in the south of the county. Both the performances will be filmed and a film of the event will be produced and distributed appropriately.
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