Sat, Mar 07, 2020 to Sat, May 09, 2020
10am - 4pm (Closed Sundays)
The Smallprint Company
2-3 Friary Street
Price: Free

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The Smallprint Company
Friary Villas 2+3 Friary Street
07806 782109

Modern Victorians: Classifying and Recording

6 March – 9 May

Winged by Clive Wheeler
Is my own personal collection of winged insects, but as a modern Victorian I have avoided the Formaldehyde. Starting with some experiments in watercolour painting to investigate shapes and colours I went on to create new photogram insects using colour photographic paper in the darkroom at Photo Parlour.

A Dissection of the High Street by David J Edge
Is my attempt to separate out the layers of the high street today, to show that there is more to it than moribund commercial enterprises. I have tried to abstract the layers using separations and different processes.

Collecting at the Edges by Kester Savage
This body of work, which is ongoing, is site specific and has come about through the simple act of collecting. It celebrates no sprawling wilderness, no national park; just some fields and scrubby woodlands with a brook running through it. It is a quiet reflection on the overlooked plants, sidelined to pockets of urban wilderness where they sustain the biodiversity that is so rapidly diminishing.

Friday 6 March, 5-8pm

Cyanotype Workshop with Clive Wheeler
14 March, 12-3pm

Open Day
Saturday 18 April, 12-4pm

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