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The Glebe is fully wheelchair accessible, but please contact the Box Office to ensure a place is reserved for you. There is plenty of on-site parking.
Crich Glebe Field Centre
Glebe Field Close
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Aged 17 and over £10.00
Aged 16 and under £7.50

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Here I Belong by Pentabus Theatre Company

Live Theatre
Focusing on the life of one woman, “Here I Belong” explores the changing nature of English village life over a 60 year period. Elsie has lived in the village most of her life; it’s where her daughters grew up, her husband died, and it’s where she’s going to stay, come what may.

It starts on the day of the coronation when the war is still fresh in people’s memories, and Elsie is her late 20s and pregnant. We revisit her at three other key points in her life as loved ones die, and governments come and go. As she gets older, the question arises of how long she can stay in the village she has lived in for much of her life. As the younger generation is priced out, there are fewer local jobs, and even the bus service is cut, who will look after her?

Everyone knows someone like Elsie, and this sensitive, honest and intimate show provokes compassion, and much discussion. The play achieves just the right balance between humour and pathos, without pulling its punches. In so doing the writer has really got to the core of what it is to live in a village in modern Britain.

Staged cabaret style, the action happens all around you, the audience. As we move forward through time, the décor and actors change as we take you on a funny and moving journey through sixty years of village life. It’s a piece about community and continuity that is radical in its own quiet way, arguing that inter-generational enmity helps no one, and that the more people care for and support one another, the stronger they become.

A Live & Local show suitable for age 8 and over.

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